Miguel Silva

Born in OPorto, Miguel Silva inherited the taste of the father for physical activity from an early age.

He practiced several sports as handball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, Cycling, Swimming, Surfing, etc ...

All this interest in physical activity in a generalized way, quickly led to the conclusion that - each person has a different body and different needs "JH Pilates

As he continued with his activities "outdoors", Miguel Silva also experienced activities "interior" as bodypump, bodycombat, balancedbody, step, aerobics, gym machinery, etc ...

During his years in the UK, Miguel Silva starts practicing Yoga, increasing its interest in an entirely different concept of the human body.

Back in Portugal Miguel Silva begins the studies of Alternative Medicine, specializing in Shiatsu - japanese massage technique - and later in Spain - Seville (current city of residence) -the technical improvement.

In the same city has its first contact with the Pilates method.

Miguel Silva from a young age suffered from a backache because of their morphology, limiting the practice of his favorite sport - surfing -

Through Pilates practice, managed to improve the Surf parctice and made disappear a constant pain in the lower back.

The need to know more about Pilates Method led him to several Pilates courses and workshops until he met the Master teacher Fabien Menegon of the Spanish School and successfully finishing his training.

Thanks to his dedication to the method, after a short time, Fabien Menegon invites him to be part of it and teach the training of teachers of his School.

Currently Miguel Silva has successfully completed one of the world recognition programs in Vintage Pilates Los Angels, with Jay Grimes (pilates elder).

Passionate about the Pilates method, a member invited by several institutions, co-owner of Pilates Universe and pedagogical director, carries out some of his dreams of implementing the Pilates Portuguese School and spreading the original work of Joseph Pilates "contrology"!


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