Fabien Menegon

Born in France, Fabien Menegon is dedicated since little to the cult of physical body dexterity.

His first specialty is in the athletic gymnastic club, starting to practice at an early age, and won the gold medal at the National Competition in France by athletic gymnastics teams.

While continuing his training in gymnastics, Fabien starts his artistic activity participating in ballet classes in Picardie Dance National Conservatory.

At age 11 get the gold medal, which the following year opens the doors of the school of the Paris Opera.

Had been instructed in classical dance, folk, art history and music by the year 1991.

During this time performs tours in Japan, Egypt, the United States and the United Kingdom participating in tours of Balanchine, Petipa, Lifar, Bessy, Béjart, Kilyan and Nureyev, among others.

At the same time participating in several productions with the dance company of the Paris Opera, dancing with Rudolf Nureyev.

After finishing school in Paris, Fabien Menegon enters the  famous school ballerina Rosella Hightower, in order to improve their technique.

In 1992, he entered directly as a soloist in the Communal Company from Trieste (Italy) where dance pieces Barabasky and Nureyev, acting also as a soloist with Rome and Verona.

In 1993 it is contracted by the Dutch company Scapino Ballet, where he plays as a soloist parts of De Wubbe, Galili and Werlock, among others.

On this occasion, while residing in the Netherlands, Fabien comes into contact with the Pilates method, and interest leads him to learn the technique in the studio Pilates La Haya.

In 2000 enters the Catalan company Lanonima Imperial part in a production for the National Theatre of Catalonia and tours in Greece, Mexico and Germany.

At the same time improves your knowledge of Pilates technique in central control Art.

In 2001, he decides to get his diploma as a teacher and undertake specific training in the certification center Authentic PilatesTM in Seattle, while refining their knowledge of the method in Dorothee's Studio.

In Seattle begins to teach classes.

Later travels to New York to study and teach under the tutelage of the Roman masters Kryzanowska and Sari Pace Mejía, direct students from Joseph Pilates.

New York passes with honors final examination and its certification as a teacher.

Back in Spain is hired by the studio El Arte del Control, which will teach, collaborate in the training of new teachers and the development and dissemination of the method.

Founding member of the Spanish Association of Pilates teachers, Fabien Menegon decided in 2003 to open his own studio in the center of Barcelona.

Fabien Menegon, is recognized as one of the best professionals, has 20 years of experience and dedication to the method!

With the help of his teammates and Auténtico Pilates teachers, reformed the teaching pedagogy of traditional courses, in order to teach a precise knowledge of the method, improving performance and adapt to changing times without losing the essence and the accuracy of the original method.

Maestro Maestro - Professor at the "Escuela Española de Auténtico Pilates", pedagogical director.


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